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Slalom Wars
« on: March 07, 2015, 06:27:09 AM »

A map I worked on 2014, along with Under the Burning Sky Remake. While the latter gains decent attention and some active development, this one was abandoned and left to dust until I play with my old files again and finds it in my list, I made an Idea Factory thread of the map at The Hive Workshop, but caught no attention, so I abandoned it. This map returns to work when Ardenian makes a positive feedback on the map, which gives me spirit to continue.

Slalom Wars is a Melee-AOS map where players choose a hero and aid their ally base in overrunning their opposition. Heroes can buy items and troops at a fountain and allied base, respectively.
Slalom Wars come with a basic AI which choose certain heroes and plays quite badly, but it serves a good enemy for starters.

  • Combination of Melee and AOS play
  • Many heroes to choose from (as of the current version, 17 heroes available, 9 each faction)


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